The Wave

I ended up finishing the last few chapters of the book. I think the last few chapters are the most important events that take place in the novel.

One night Laurie was at the football field and Brad wouldn’t let her go up without doing The Wave salute. Her and Brad ended up disagreeing about The Wave. A few days after she was going to publish the newspaper that involved The Wave in it and she wanted to go talk to her best friend Amy about the idea. They also ended up getting into a fight about it. Some members of The Wave took it personal that Laurie was going to say those rude things about The Wave so some people got David to talk to Laurie about not publishing it. Laurie was walking home and she ran into David and they got into another fight and he ended up pushing her to the ground. David felt really bad and he realised what The Wave was doing to him so him and Laurie thought of a plan to talk to Mr. Ross so they went to his house and he said he would think of a plan to end The Wave for good.

So many people were going the principal’s office over The Wave because many of the parents thought it was very bad. Mr. Ross told the student who are in The Wave group to go to the auditorium. Many of the students showed up and Mr. Ross explained a lot of The Wave and what it has created and soon the students began to realise what was happening. It was over and all the students were slowly leaving and Mr. Ross found Robert crying.

I think so many of the students learned a lot about The Wave and learned that it’s not a good thing and no one realised what they were doing because they were all brainwashed into making everyone become members and if they didn’t its like they couldn’t hang out with their friends anymore or do anything without being involved in the group. I can see why the parents went to the school to complain about their children and what has been happening.

I think Robert was really carried away by The Wave and he was so caught up in it he was so upset in the end that he was crying. I think he was so upset was because he was finally fitting in and being equal like everyone else and it didn’t matter what you looked like or how popular you were, you were all equal and members of The Wave. I think he liked the idea of being a body guard for Mr. Ross. I don’t know if you have or haven’t read this book but I would prefer if you read it. It’s a good book and it shows you a lot of things that are going on.


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Two Years

For the past two years I got a blog in grade seven and I was just getting used to it as we had to write posts on it for school.

After two years of blogging I learned many different things about writing blogs. I know that if you don’t have good grammar or any pictures, or links, it doesn’t really attract people to read your blog. Over time I eventually learned to write more proper, explain myself better, check for any errors I’ve made, and change the looks on my blog. A while ago I added a clustr map and a hit to see how many people have, or are looking at my blog right now. Compared to last year I know that my writing skills are way better and I add more links and pictures. I have switched to a new blog this year and so far I have written 30 posts and received 31 comments.

At the starting of grade seven I got an I-Google account that you can subscribe to through RSS feed and read the incoming blog posts and write about them. I really like having an I-Google account because when it shows you the newest posts out, it lets you know all the things that are going on around the world and to be aware. Having an I-Google account let’s you add games, horoscopes, jokes, etc that you can also do on your account. You are also able to change your themes.


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Smart Set Project

I seem to be finding more and more things about Cairo that are helping me complete my project. My project is due I’m pretty sure tomorrow.

A huge thing I learned more about was the pyramids and the sphinx. Around six million people visit Cairo each year just to see the pyramids and the sphinx! That’s a whole lot of people. For thousands of years the largest structures on earth were the pyramids. The largest pyramid ever built was the Great pyramid. The Great Sphinx is located in Giza plateau, about six miles west of Cairo. For some of you who don’t know what the sphinx is, it’s a monument that is to be estimated to be about 4636 years old. It’s one of the best known monuments on earth and it’s about 73.4 meters in length. The statue has a head of a human and the body of a male lion.

I’m still trying to find more out about the pyramids and the sphinx so I don’t have too much information right now.

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Chapters 9 to 12 in The Wave

In chapter’s nine to twelve, the book starts to get more interesting and everything starts to change.

Chapter nine starts off with Mr. Ross not knowing what to do about the wave because all his students were getting caught up in it and there were good sides and bad sides of The Wave. Laurie and the people at the weekly editorial meeting were discussing the paper and they didn’t have any stories to write about. Carl brought up The Wave and everyone wanted to know about it. Laurie kind of hesitated at the starting but then she said ok, they could write about it but the other people at the editorial meeting had to find out what students thought of the wave. Later on Laurie was talking to her mom about The Wave and her mom still didn’t think it was a good idea. Mr. Ross got called down to the office to speak with Principle Owens about The Wave and it can’t get carried away.

The next day Laurie got a letter from a student telling her that two of the person’s friends joined The Wave because it sounded interesting and two weren’t sure if they wanted to join and the person didn’t want to. A member of The Wave explained how great it was to join The Wave and then the two people decided to join. The Wave member then told the person that if he/she didn’t join no one would be his/her friend and it would be too late. The person wanted to know too late for what? Laurie later saw Brian (one of The Wave members) fighting a student. David and Laurie were talking about The Wave and they got into a fight and broke up. Carl, Alex, and Laurie ran into each other and talked about making a club called The Ripple and members that aren’t part of The Wave join at Laurie’s house. Laurie talked to her dad about The Wave and a Jewish student got beaten up because he wasn’t a member of The Wave.

I think that basically all the characters have changed through the story. Robert isn’t the same person, he used to be kind of a slacker with his hair not combed and he had D’s in school. He later changed into a whole different person who has friends in The Wave group; he tucks in his shirt, combs his hair and is always prepared for class. David also changed because he was a popular foot ball player with a girlfriend who doesn’t really pay attention in class. He is now really focused in class and brought up The Wave to the football team and uses The Wave in football and history class. By David using The Wave for foot ball they are now doing a lot better and hoping to win some games. 

I don’t think The Wave is going to go well because everything is going too far and getting carried away. Mr.Ross doesn’t even realise how far this is going. More and more Wave members are joining and he probably won’t be able to stop it. Some students are even being threatened to join The Wave. I think a lot of the parents are going to go to the school and complain but nothing is going to be able to be done because the student’s will keep carrying on. Once Laurie writes about The Wave in the newpaper, the story is going to spread on through the town and worse things are going to happen.



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The Wave

In chapter’s five to eight, a few very important events happened.

In History Class the next morning Mr. Ross was teaching the students about discipline. He explained the word discipline and he asked a student Amy to come up to the class room to show them posture. He made the whole class give the correct posture and soon all the students became interested and hooked to what he was teaching them. Mr. Ross also told them that when he asks a question from one of his students and they have to stand up and reply Mr. Ross.. ( the correct question). Soon every history class all the students became hooked to doing this routine.  At football David thought it would be a good idea to do The Wave at football because they lose all their games and no one even takes them serious anymore. He thought it would be a good idea and help them win but Eric didn’t really agree with him. Soon the whole football team showed up and started fighting. David talked them out of it and Eric whispered to David to tell them about the wave.

Laurie was at home eating supper with her parents and talking about what happened in history class today and how it works so good and her mom wasn’t really agreeing with her and telling Lauri that this didn’t sound right and it sounded like it was brainwashing the students while everyone thought the wave was a good idea. Even Ben’s wife Chrissy didn’t think it was right. Something was bothering her about it. At school the next day Mr. Ross gave the students a membership card and if the card is marked with a red x you are a monitor and you are to report directly to the Mr. Ross if some members in The Wave do not obey the rules. Robert and Brian both got the red x and were happy about it. At lunch Amy, David, Laurie, Brian, and Brad were sitting at a table. They Invited Robert (the loner) to come sit with them at the lunch table because they thought that if everyone is in The Wave, you’re all in it together.

I think that Laurie’s mom is right about thinking Mr. Ross is manipulating the students in his class. Something big is going to happen and Laurie’s mom was going to right about the whole thing all along while no one even bothered to listen to her. Even Chrissy (Ben’s wife) didn’t think it was a good idea, she didn’t think it was right to do to his student’s.

These few chapters surprised me because it’s kind of weird and different how all of a sudden all the students listen to their teacher in history class and don’t joke and foold around anymore and how the popular crew invite Robert to come sit with them at lunch over a group in history class. The students are actually excited to come to class and learn about it and what is going to happen next. I think the whole Wave group is going to get carried away and the school won’t be safe anymore for students to go to and learn and a lot of the students will join The Wave group just to keep safe.

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Smart Set Project

This week I’m writing another Smart set post. I found out a few more facts about Cairo Egypt.

Some more new things I found out about Cairo is transportation, how people get around. For road transportation there’s a ring road that surrounds the outskirts of the city. There is a public bus system that offers several lines of service in different classes and prices. You can get Cairo Taxi and Micro-buses both run privately by individuals. Micro buses are the cheapest form of transport in Cairo but not very reliable. Cairo International Airport is the busiest airport in Egypt and it’s the second busiest airport in Africa. Cairo airport handles about 3400 daily flights, 12100 weekly flights and about 125000 yearly flights. Another transport is the Cairo Metro in Egypt is Africa’s only full-fledged metro system. The ticket price in Egyptian is $1.00 for each journey. Some local transportation in Cairo is driving cars, trucks and sometimes even donkeys are on the roads.

I’m still finding out more information about the housing and how much it would cost average to live there.

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Smart Set Project

In school we have another big assignment called Smart Set. For this project we have to pretend we are 25 years old and we are working for Smart Set architecture. They are a design firm that has contracts building huge office towers and other buildings around the globe. They are looking to build another office outside of Canada.

I chose to do Cairo Egypt. I chose Egypt because I wanted to learn more about Egypt because the history is interesting and Cairo is the largest city in Africa. So far I have found out that 16 million people live in Cairo and it always has a traffic jam and the roads are loud, noisy and crowded. I also learned that steel, iron, and aluminum products are enormous refineries. Cement is also a huge industry because of all the rock and gravel. The cement is used to build houses because there is very little wood in Egypt. A lot of the people in Egypt are big fans of the game soccer. Adults and children both like to play soccer and if they don’t have a soccer ball they make a ball out of two old socks tied together. People like to gather to sit and chat at cafes. There are over 5000 cafes alone to choose from in Cairo.

I thought Cairo would be a good city to choose from because I would find a lot of positives why to build an office here and I would find a lot more interesting information on Cairo.

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The Wave

In our class 7/8 we are reading a new book called The Wave by Todd Strasser. I read up to chapters 1-4 and so far the book seems ok.

A few events in the book are there’s a girl Laurie who’s boyfriend is David a jock and her best friend is Amy Smith and a boy Robert who is a loner. So far the book takes place in school in a classroom and the teacher is Mr. Ben Ross who teaches history. Ben taught the kids in his class about World War Two and he showed them a documentary that took place in Germany between 1934 and 1945. It was about Adolf Hitler who turned to politics after World War One. Ben told the class that Adolf had said that the Jews were the destroyers of civilization and the Germans were a superior race. In the film the students saw a pile of dead people or starving people at death camps. A few of the students in the class were very upset like Amy and Laurie. After their class David, Amy, Laurie and Brian went to the cafeteria to eat lunch and that’s basically where the book leaves us so far.

If I was Amy in the story I wouldn’t really know what to do because she took it very seriously about watching that film and that made her really upset and down for the rest of the day. She wasn’t really into doing anything and didn’t really want to talk about what’s going on. I’m not really sure I would know what to because there’s nothing you really can do about what happened because it’s in the past but she still has a right to be upset.

What I think is going to happen in the next chapters 5-8 is I think that Amy and Laurie are going to take it very seriously and try to talk to people about it and try to start up a group and something big is going to happen which is going to switch to everyone around and make the school bad.

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HIV Infections rising

I was looking on the poverty news blog and I was reading a blog post and HIV infections are rising in Swaziland.

As HIV infections are rising as it was only 40% and it rose all the way to 42% for pregnant people. In 1992 the percentage was only 3.9%. The government spokesmen doesn’t know what to do with the problem anymore. The percentage is really high and they done everything they can do. The rate seems that it’s teenage mothers with the infection. In a country up to 40% of the adults are infected with the decease.

The government doesn’t know what to anymore because the percentage rate is higher seems to be by 2% every year which isn’t good at all.

In case you don’t know what HIV means ( I’m pretty sure everyone does) it’s an infection you get which has absolutley no cure. Your’e stuck with it your whole life. HIV attacks your immune system and it leaves you with  a chronic, progressive illness. You get cancers rom it and theres nothing you can do.

If you would like to find out ways how you can stay safe or want to learn more about it click here.

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GreenWheel Bikes

I was searching on a site called DVice and I saw a post written on bikes that can run off of a battery and a motor.

These GreenWheel bikes are to be less expensive around a few hundred dollars then most of these kinds of things on market these days. This bike is affordable and you can recharge the battery when it runs out. Running on straight electric power the bike takes you around 20 miles of pedal free riding.  You can double the amount of pedaling along with the bike.

The bike isn’t out yet but it should be out soon and affordable also. I think this GreenWheel bike is a really good idea because it’s not only affordable but you’re still getting exercise when you use this bike. You can recharge the battery whenever it needs to be recharged and you can still ride you’re bike with no cost and its cheap and worth it too. You can also help the environment if you buy this bike.  To get this bike you only need to take off your wheel and put a GreenWheel on. Everything is on the tire except for the throttle. Inside the GreenWheel sits an electric motor, batteries and an electric generator. By this spring The GreenWheel team hopes to have more than a dozen different GreenWheel configurations out for riders. 

All though this bike will be out soon you can keep your bike and just take the back wheel off and just put on shorter spokes and you won’t need a new bike. It’s cheap and it’s easy.


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